Saturday, 15 December 2007

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Saturday, 24 November 2007

my walking is over. this is the sign of home

I am nearly home. what a fucking relief.

Sydney opera house looks all shiny and new



This guy was whoring himself and his CD
"It's just $10 folks, and if you want to come up and get your photo
taken, come on up"

He could play, but he never finished a song before peddling his wares.

Lady sitting next to the guy in the orange T, was having a moment
over the music.

She may have been 'touched'.

busker or jester? you decide!

This dude rolled up next to a whole bunch of us at an intersection on
Kings road, sat down, balanced the guitar on his head, then just
started playing.

Like, this is what you get up in the morning for?

sydney train stop

getting the train back into town

Sydney have 'borrowed heavily' from the London underground/tube.

bombs are bad

oh, and the hotel in the rear of the photo is being pulled down.

bondi beach II

bondi beach I

bondi beach

lots of people out on surfboards, bugger all surfing actually taking
place, and no one on the beach, remember, it had been raining fairly

a view from under the umbrella I was forced to buy

It was raining like crazy, and everyone in Sydney has an umbrella, so
I bought one too, and kept walking.

Glad I did too, got to ride the train, bus and see bondi junction and

The Wonder of Stevie.

I would, but I am just to tired now. I have just been walking around
for 5-6 hours and I am done.

*IF* Sydney had a hard rock cafe...

This would be were is was (top of the lower right, by the number 7) I
couldn't find it.
Suspect that it may not be there (yet|anymore)

painting the anchor II

this guy, has a suck job.

Here we have a gentleman cleaning the anchor of barnacles I expect.

He run his boat up to the mighty ship, connected rope to each corner
of his dingy, then they lifted him, and his boat up the side of the

Coming past later, it appears they may have *painted the anchor*.

Still people going hungry and sleeping in the streets people.

the same shot, perhaps a little clearer.

sydney at night from the harbour bridge.

cool arty stuff

When rotated, the glass balls in the centre of the coils appear to
rise and lower up/down the coil.

Water reflections

Merry xmas tree

aussie idol stage in the background.

People enjoying end of week drinks.

I wonder if all the homeless people in the city had anything to

chewing gum, yum!

"Could you be a bigger bitch?"

Awesome. Truly awesome.

i can type sooo fast…

that the world blurs around me. (Actual speed may vary)

Friday, 23 November 2007

big nose bird

a little clave action

i like old trees

as luck would have it

There was a drum clinic, and it was free no less.
I won a set of drumsticks all for sitting around doing drum stuff for
an hour or two.


Monday, 19 November 2007

resting under the palms

boat, wharf, city, water

opera house II

opera house at night.

This, with the harbour bridge behind me is actually pretty sweet.

Christchurch, in comparison has nothing.

Harbour bridge with lights at night.

Kinda wish that I had of brought my 'proper' camera… This could have
been better. :-(

insert witty comment here

I have been awake now for… 19 hours. forgetaboutit

police station + projector

projection at night onto the local police station from across the road.

lights! lights! lights!

centerpoint tower reflection